Android Forensics Analytics

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Big Data Analytics


Analytics of large amount of financial transactions in real time using Data Analysis Techniques. Study of historical transaction data to build models to detect fraudulent patterns.


Correlation of the infrastructure log with the information about external threats, to acquire the capacity for response on cybersecurity policies.


Every device in your IT infrastructure generates log data that are used to analyse security related issues. We analyse Logs to help organizations in proactively and reactively mitigating different risks to make decisions more efficiently.


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Advance Cyber Defence

Efficient respond to cyber-attacks to develop capabilities to mitigate cybernetic threats (Malware, Computer forensic, Anti-Phishing)

Cyber Assesments

End-to-end advice and Identification of vulnerabilities which businesses face to enable decision-making and early detection of cyber threats.

Fraud Assesments

Advise and Fraud Analysis in different channels, e-commerce and means of payment, design of rules to block fraudulent transactions, fraud patterns and study of new Modus Operandi of Cybercriminals.

CyberFusion Center

Monitoring Fraud Prevention Management. Fraud and cybersecurity incident response through security strategies, technologies and professional teams with extensive experience in fraud prevention and detection

CyberIntelligence Reports

Searching and monitoring information in digital media, underground sources and deep web among other to measure the brand performance and its digital threats.

Social Media & Intelligence

Early threat detection and searching, monitoring, processing and analysis global information in digital and social media to detect any threats that can affect your organization either directly or indirectly.

Fraud Business Intelligence
as a Service

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Service Platform

GoNetFPI delivers intelligence as a service through Big Data Analytics, a collaborative anti-fraud cloud-based platform enabling fraud intelligence to be correlated with client’s data in real time.

Transactions Risk Management

Transactions review in means of payment (Fraudulent use of credit cards, points of compromise, points of use, risk transactions and e-channels)


Collecting transactions from online channels (mobile applications and web) for analysis. Locating phishing and malware websites that affect the organization.


Protecting organizations and its information technology infrastructure from an intentional computer network attack. Threat detections (DDoS, Insecure ways of sharing sensitive information, IP address spoofing ...)

Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring Social Media for Security to help with the early identification of threats (DDoS attacks, fake android applications, emails address, accounts, compromised personal information, identity theft ...)

About Us

GoNetFPI (Fraud Prevention & Intelligence) is a division of GoNet specialized in fraud analysis and supply of intelligence.

We provide services of the highest quality through a team of 145 professionals with extensive experience in anti-fraud technology.

GoNetFPI was formed in August 2013 with the aim of helping organizations in their struggle against external fraud in different channels in which they operate.  

We specialized in cybersecurity, anti-fraud monitoring in different channels and means of payment. We analyse behaviours to efficiently protect the processes of issuing, acquiring, and reconciliation of payments. 




The Logtrust Big Data Cloud Technology platform allows companies of any size to gain real-time operational and business intelligence.



GoNetFPI is Gold partner of RSA and it relies on its services to create a powerful solution for cyber threat detection and shut phishing sites down, integrated in GoNetFPI's BigData platform. The joint action by companies perform the detection of more than 10,000 cases a year and allows to prevent fraud in more than 44,000 end users.



Blueliv is a leading provider of targeted cyber threat information and analysis intelligence. Its cyber threat and feed platform address a comprehensive range of cyber threats to turn global threat data into predictive, actionable intelligence that detects, identifies, and helps stop cyber threats.

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